professional ethics

I want to be the partner of my clients I accompanied throughout their evolution, whatever their economic size. I can always propose creative solutions tailored to their situations. In pursuit of this goal, I shall ensure that the essential values ​​of rigor, ethics, trust, loyalty and fidelity are respected.

Trust is the pillar of the relationship between the lawyer and his client. In this respect, I promise to respect these four principles:

- Listening and ongoing dialogue with you;

- Reactivity and optimization of procedural deadlines;

- Adjusted and predefined fees;

- A result-oriented approach.

I offer you relevant advice before any procedure or commitment from you to third parties, assistance in your negotiations and / or transactions, and a defense before all courts.

"I swear, as a lawyer, to perform my duties with dignity, honor, independence, integrity and humanity"
This is the oath that I swore as a lawyer and I am particularly attached to these principles.