tax law

Corporation tax
Optimization of corporate tax, local taxes and VAT
Taxation of business transfers, restructuring, new business
Assistance during tax audits and litigation
Review and research tax optimization solutions (subsidies, tax credits...)
Tax optimization of financial flows and funding (dividends, interest, royalties...)
Reorganization of border activities, foreign investment
Assistance of French and foreign investors in the acquisition, financing, transfer of real estate or real estate companies and within the SIIC regime
Taxation of non-profit organizations (associations, foundations...)

Income tax Personal taxation, optimization of income tax, wealth tax, capital gains tax
Advice for business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed
Optimization of assets transmission
Taxation of savings, insurance and financial products
Tax incentives for investment (Overseas, venture capital, FIP...)
Optimization of inheritance or donation
Advice regarding taxation of the artists and sportsmen

International tax Tax residence, international tax treaties
Optimization of world heritage, management of double taxation
International transfer pricing
Expatriation issues
Advice for foreign investments, assistance of foreign companies in structuring their investments in France
Regularization of assets held outside France

Tax litigation I assist and defend my clients in tax audits, tax litigation and transactional regulations, before the tax authorities and the competent courts